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"Our mission is to change the landscape of Substance Abuse testing,
by merging science and social responsibility."

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Drug & Alchohol Testing - Employee Screening Services

GlobalLab, a national substance abuse testing administrator, has specialized in program developement and implementation for over 10 years. No substitute exists for a professionally managed substance abuse program, and GlobalLab is recognized as being a premier provider for employee screening services nationwide.

About GlobalLab

GlobalLab manages and operates a turnkey Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing Program, providing materials and procedures to implement drug and alcohol testing services on a local and nationwide basis. GlobalLab is a leader in the implementation of workplace drug and alcohol testing services. We provide full scope operational procedures, substance abuse education and training, and Medical Review services.

D.O.T. Management

An added advantage of GlobalLab is its client software, which is compliant with D.O.T. operating standards. This allows our customers to manage and store all D.O.T. information for audits performed by the Department of Transportation. D.O.T. required drug test summary reports are prepared annually for our clients or when requested by a D.O.T. auditor. As your designated MRO service, GlobalLab provides the required five year record retention.   More


GlobalLab can assist you with D.O.T. and non-D.O.T. policies and procedures; pre-audits for D.O.T. safety and record maintenance; collector and supervisor training.   More

Fast Turn-around

Negative results are reported in 24 hours or less from the time they reach the laboratory.
Positive results take longer due to MRO verification procedures.

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Premium Services

Data Processing -

Pool management, provision of summaries, and five-year record keeping.

SAMHSA Laboratories-

Supplying chain-of-custody forms and split collection kits.

Medical Review Officers -

Our doctors are certified MRO's with extensive experience in D.O.T. compliance and drug-free workplace programs.