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Manager Training
Manager Training

If your drug policy is the head of your program, AWARE Training is the heart and soul. Education and knowledge play a key role in the understanding and comprehension of the drug and alcohol problems facing companies. We help teach your employees to value your business.

What is AWARE?
AWARE Training is a web-based training product specifically designed for the drug-free workplace industry. AWARE Training provides a web-based interactive training to employees and supervisors on their own schedule. It is the only training program of its kind!

Four modules to train your entire workforce:

  • Employee Awareness Training
  • The Supervisor's Role
  • Drug Testing Training
  • Alcohol Testing Training

You, your employees and supervisors can train individually on a time frame that works for them. All they need is access to the Internet to log onto the web and complete their training.

Full Federal Compliance:
AWARE will keep you and your office 100% compliant with training requirements mandated by the Department of Transportation, the Department of Energy, and other federal agencies.

Effective Training and Comprehension:
Unlike a video or textbook, AWARE interactive training involves active participation from the student. Answer input is required before the training will advance from one section to the next. Studies show that this is the most effective form of training available today.