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Drug Testing News!!!


The Health and Human Services Department has proposed a rule that would possible change the Federal Workplace Drug Testing guidelines. The proposal is now open for a 60 day period for comments. To read the entire proposal or to submit a formal comment go to :

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MRO Services

The Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a licensed physician with specialized knowledge in the medical use of prescription drugs and the pharmacology and toxicology of illicit drugs.

MRO "reviews" include the interpretation of urinalysis test results reported by the testing lab to ensure a scientifically valid result. Especially, the MRO attempts to determine whether a legitimate medical explanation could account for any "confirmed positive" result reported by the laboratory. This duty is fulfilled through telephone or in-person interview with the specimen donor and by giving the the donor an opportunity - through their doctor or pharmacist - to provide evidence of legally-prescribed drug-use that may have caused the lab-positive.

When the MRO can determine that a legitimate medical explanation exists, the MRO will then "overturn" the results reported by the lab and, instead, report the "final" result to the donor's employer as "negative". While a small percentage of companies will not pay the extra expense associated with MRO services, such services do greatly enhance the validity and reliability of the overall drug-testing process. They also help ensure fairness to the donor and offer more protection to the employer in any case of later litigation due to a "positive" drug test where the employee has been suspended or fired.

Medical Review Officer (MRO) service is required for all D.O.T. drug screens and is an added option for Non-D.O.T. drug screens. Our MROs are Board Certified Members of the American Association of Medical Review Officers and Board Certified Health Directors with extensive experience in D.O.T. compliance and drug-free workplace programs. Unlike many third party administrators, our MROs are full-time employees of GlobalLab and work in our Charlotte office.

Benefits to having in-house MRO:

  • Being an in-house MRO facilitates quick turn-around time.
  • The MRO reviews all test results.
  • If there are any questions about the results, the MRO will consult with the Toxicologist who performed the test.
  • The MRO contacts donors if there is a positive or questionable test result.
  • If the donor has verified prescriptions, the MRO can report the result as a verified negative.
  • If there is no medical reason for a positive or questionable test result, the MRO contacts the employer and reports the result as a verified positive. It is the client's policy that determines what action is taken for the donor.
  • Review of laboratory blind sample results (required for D.O.T. to ensure laboratory compliance)

Litigation package:

Expedited correction of Custody and Control Form errors. The MRO and assistants are committed to minimizing the number of tests cancelled for our clients. Small errors made on forms can easily be corrected, with the necessary corrective paperwork, however, most MROs do not take the time to perform the necessary actions to minimize cost to employers.