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Random testing
Random testing

GlobalLab Solutions  provides expert random selection services for drug and alcohol testing.  Our selection process involves randomly choosing individuals from the primary drug testing pool and if mandated, or if customer chooses to, a subsequent percentage for alcohol selection.  This method provides the most cost effective way for your company to meet DOT and/or Company requirements.  GlobalLab's  random program will allow you to:

  • Post pool updates 
  • Request alternative random selections automatically 
  • Generate Random Notification Letter 
  • Ensure industry-leading  communication, service and support
  • Have fast, reliable, confidential results – above industry standards 

 At GlobalLab Solutions, you will receive next day results on normal negatives and normal non-negatives within an additional 24-48 hours.  You can access these results via our secure website 24 hours per day.  

Global helps you meet federal, state and company specific mandates.  Whether it is employee, supervisor or other members of your organizations, we have the right individuals with the proper experience to train and guide your organization to meet their objectives.